A Vapor

A Vapor, A Humid Warmth to one side, Buzzing in one ear, Ringing in another. I have a story. Do you care to hear? I will linger In your shadows, The brightness at their edges Further obscuring their depths. I have a story. Do you care to hear? Can you feel my warmth, Gently encircling,... Continue Reading →

Why I Chose To Use A Pen Name

My “real” name is pretty generic. My maiden name is even more generic. Both have been written under and have been taken as names for websites. This situation left me with a dilemma. Apparently having a built in “platform,” a well-followed blog and ready e-mail list of folks anxiously anticipating your creative genius, is key... Continue Reading →

Two Sides to Every Story

Each and every one of us is a universe of its own. We know nothing more than our own experience in this world despite how deeply empathic we might be. These personal experiences influence our perceptions of life and others. We can’t prevent that. What I enjoy or hate or am afraid of is in... Continue Reading →

I Have Seen The Darkness

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” — Carl Jung That we humans can hear something innumerable times but only hear it when it is said by a different voice never ceases to amaze me. At the foundation of Christianity is the concept of acknowledging one’s status as... Continue Reading →

What I Learned From Loss

Loss of some sort finds us all eventually. An unfortunate few learn early in life that nothing is guaranteed, and the experience often shapes their lives. Others of us lead more charmed existences, and experience that particular pain later on. I never knew my father’s father. He died of lung cancer when I was a... Continue Reading →

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