Bittersweet Memories

        Sometimes, in those sweet, blurry moments just before I open my eyes, I forget she is gone, and I imagine her waiting patiently for the covers to rustle and tell her I am awake. I wait for the sandpaper kisses and the unbridled joy she shows every single time she sees me. Then I... Continue Reading →

The Measure of a Man

I am apparently blessed (or cursed) with the sort of face and personality that makes others comfortable opening up to me. While this trait makes for some occasionally awkward conversation (like that time the coworker I barely knew started the conversation with, “Can I ask you something?… My husband and I are swingers…”), more often... Continue Reading →

Dice or Dominos?

I was rushed. And tired. My mind was already a hundred miles down the road. I had just left one load of essentials in the camper and and was headed out for the next load. Then I wasn’t. I was rolling around in the grass hoping I was blowing the matter out of proportion. When... Continue Reading →

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