Life’s Too Short For Mediocre Books

My husband and I have been working for a long while on decreasing our expenditures such that we can work less and live more. We spend a fair amount on books. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve worked my way through the whole Kindle thing, and while I still love a real book and support independent bookstores every chance I get, I have a certain fondness for my iPad Kindle app. One of the things I love about the Kindle/Kindle app is that it allows me to save a ton of money on reading material. Not only are Kindle books often a cheaper option, with an Amazon Prime membership, I can read a wide variety of books for free.
BookBub adds another level of savings for me. If you read e-books and haven’t checked it out yet, please consider it. They send you a few e-mails a week with links to free e-books or ones whose price has been drastically reduced. All you have to do is click the link they provide and either get your free book or pay a buck or two for your bargain. They have a wide selection of offers as well. They introduce new writers’ debut works and new creations from best selling authors in addition to bringing in older, well-known works from some favorites as well. Not every e-mail has something that I snap up, but I usually find at least one a week that I think I’ll like.
Sometimes, though, I am wrong, and this has led to my having to change my ways a bit. I tend to be a bulldog. Once I get my teeth into something, I have a hard time turning it loose. This habit has led to my wasting innumerable hours on mediocre entertainment in the hopes that it would turn around and redeem itself eventually. I’ve come to realize that it rarely does. So this week’s selection probably won’t get finished. I’m several chapters in, and I’ve just been annoyed by it so far. Life is way too short to read shitty books. Next week will bring more options.

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