Rules for a Knight


Last week I promised a review of the book I couldn’t resist buying during my quick trip to Legends Bookstore in Cody, Wyoming, Rules for a Knight by Ethan Hawke (this link is to Amazon’s listing, but if you are anywhere near an independent book seller like Legends or Parnassus, please consider supporting them). Yep, the actor. Turns out he’s also a writer, and this is his third novel. It’s written in the form of a letter from a Cornish knight to his children, and attempts to provide the wisdom he fears the coming battle will rob him of bestowing in person.

I actually bought this little gem as a gift for my knight, my husband, not that he needs rules. Nor do I need a knight. To be reminded, however, of the chivalrous ways we were taught as children and try to live even now is never a bad thing. Since I would turn it over to my hunny shortly after my arrival home, I wanted to read it on the seven hour trip cross country. Despite having less than two hours sleep and being on the recovering side of the flu, this little tome held my attention without difficulty, and I was finished long before the wheels screeched down. The writing was beautiful. The sketches by Ethan’s wife Ryan were a nice touch. The lessons were heartwarming. And the story was convincingly done. As a matter of fact, I’m still trying to figure out if Ethan Hawke really did find long forgotten letters that he then rewrote for his children to understand.

Certainly it is geared toward little ones and young adults, but in a world where kindness, thoughtfulness, wisdom, and generosity seem to be endangered, Rules for a Knight has messages for everyone.

Also, one hundred percent of the author’s profits from this book go to charities for children with learning disabilities. I feel like that is an important point.


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